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Disc Weight: 38 grams, 4.5″ diameter

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The Wild Discs Mini Disc is the perfect mini disc for your bag or collection! This is an actual mini that you can also play mini disc golf with! The disc has a slight domey top, but has a unique inner ring that makes this disc fly with little effort. This disc is the (Snipe) from Zing Minis and is widely accepted in the Disc Golf community and by Mini Disc Golf aficionados. Thrown distance is 250+ feet! The Wild Discs Mini Disc is the perfect way to show your support for us as well as wildlife conservation.

Specifics: Disc Weight: 38 grams, 4.5″ diameter (will container With Micro)

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6 reviews for Wild Discs Mini Discs

  1. Bvoss (verified owner)

    Definitely my favorite mini owned thus far. I got the purple one and I always receive great compliments out on the course when I use it!

  2. Jordan Evans (verified owner)

    I got a really pretty one with pink flecks and a red sparkly stamp. Definitely won’t be forgetting this on the ground!

  3. Brock Wolford (verified owner)

    Very nice mini! Im very excited to get out and use it on the course!!!

  4. Todd Fuller (verified owner)

    You throw your drive and approach the landing spot. Oh no, you say, I’m outside of the circle and I’m probably going to miss this putt. THEN…….you pull out the Wild Disc mini. All the animals of the forest recognize a marker from a company that is working to save their homelands and a hush falls as you set your marker to the ground. Even the insects stop buzzing to allow you full concentration. You line up your Hummingbird, and let it fly. With the collective will of all the creatures around you and the dependability of your little bird, you sink the putt! Game on, my friend. Game on.

  5. Nicholas Mannen (verified owner)

    This mini is very well crafted. Visible color so I’m not running off without it with silver flecks for the extra flair.

  6. Chris (verified owner)

    My favorite mini! The wonderbread stamp really pops on the blue color.

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