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Grip lock due to sticky hands or a slippery grip is a thing of the past! Our Grip sacks are the longest lasting with up to 2X the life as the leading competitors bag and of highest quality materials available in the industry!

The bags have a different design on each side.

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The Wild Discs Grip Sack, also known as WDGS, is a must have for any avid disc golfer. They are made to keep your hands dry and help you get a firm grip. They have been tested to work in any weather condition. We use clay base material that is great for getting rid of moisture. The sack provides you with the confidence of having control of your drive, putt or approach. Grip lock due to sticky hands or a slippery grip is a thing of the past!

The Wild Discs Grip Sack can be kept anywhere in your bag and won’t cause a mess due to powder escaping & covering your discs like other rosin bags. The more you crush it up the more powder you get. WGS can also recover from getting totally soaked from rainy rounds or dropping it on the ground in a puddle. All you have to do is let it sit out in the sun a day or two and it dries back to it’s powdery state. Get your Wild Grip Sack today!

To top everything off, each purchase of a WDGS will help aid Wildlife Conservation with a minimum of 5% of our proceeds being donated to a supporting organization! Keep those hands dry, throw with confidence and feel great about supporting a great cause!

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7 reviews for Wild Discs Grip Sack

  1. Bvoss (verified owner)

    I love the look of this Grip Sack. With a unique design on both sides, definitely my favorite thus far. At first I did not like how firm and tough the sack was but now that I’ve been using it for a few months I love it!

  2. Plamen Iantchev (verified owner)

    I get sticky hands real bad when playing, so this helps get them dry for the perfect release.

  3. Jordan Evans (verified owner)

    Love the two different patterns and it feels super sturdy.

  4. Chris Gross (verified owner)

    After years of throwing on the track team I can be a real snob about chalk and my grip. Wish I had this back in college when trying to throw on all those wet and rainy days! Five big stars from me.

  5. live2frolf (verified owner)

    The bag takes a little while to break in, but once it does it’s grip city. I play in the pacific northwest and it’s wet here, the grip sack has helped my grip in many situations. My wife even uses it for her ariel arts grip.5/5

  6. Chris Palugi (verified owner)

    I love this bag. color scheme is great. keeps hand dry. also love that theres 2 different designs on each side

  7. coreyd9999 (verified owner)

    Great grip sac that matches the kangaroo bag. Got it for my bag as an alternative to chalk, and gets more use than my chalk bag. It may be in my bag, but every time my wife and I play she is often found taking it as hers for the round.

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