Tasmanian Devil – Lava Flare

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Tasmanian Devil

The Tasmanian Devil was our most popular mold when we first introduced it’s prototype version. We have since redesigned the mold to be flatter, more consistent and now use some of the best polymers available. The (Taz) is an overstable fairway driver capable of handling the highest arm speeds and battling through any headwind you may find yourself up against. You can trust the Taz to never turn over unless forced to and it will always have a very reliable strong fade finish. Players have found this to be a must have disc for sidearm shots.

Speed: 9 Glide: 4 Turn: 0 Fade: 4



Disc name: Tasmanian Devil V2
Approved Date: Jan 9, 2023
Certification Number: 23-2


Max Weight: 176.0gr
Diameter: 21.2cm
Height: 1.8cm
Rim Depth: 1.1cm
Rim Thickness: 2.0cm
Inside Rim Diameter: 17.2cm
Rim Depth / Diameter Ratio: 5.2%
Rim Configuration: 30.75
Flexibility: 8.64kg


Lava Blend 

Our Lava blend is produced with a hi-tech plastic that provides outstanding performance and durability. Designed for professional players, Lava blend is a high quality plastic with great grip and a slightly soft feel. Whether used in heavily wooded situations, or on extremely rugged courses, our Lava blend plastic will continue to perform predictably and avoid damage.

Flare (Cosmetic look)

Flare is a unique multi colored plastic blend. We take one of our premium plastics and infuse the mold with several different colors causing a unique look where no 2 discs are the same. Flare has no effect on stability or function of the disc and is only a cosmetic type.

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Species Facts:

Conservation status: Endangered (Population decreasing)
Scientific name: Sarcophilus harrisii
Trophic level: Carnivorous
Speed: 8.1 mph (Maximum, Running)
Gestation period: 21 days (Female)
Length: 2.1 ft.
Mass: 18 lbs (Male, Adult), 13 lbs (Female, Adult)

The species has been listed as endangered by the IUCN Red List in 2008, following the outbreak of the Devil Facial Tumour Disease (DFTD), which has spread through the species in the past 8 years

The DFTD is a parasitic cancer which was first described in 1996. It is extremely aggressive, and is transmitted between devils through fighting and other means. Some high-density populations which were affected suffered a mortality rate of close to 100%. Tasmanian devil numbers have dropped by over 70% since the outbreak, and around 80 % of the remaining population is infected.

The disease is usually transmitted when one devil bites another which is infected, directly receiving the infection. Other transmission methods include consumption of an infected carcass or sharing food.

The disease begins as lumps or sores around the lips and mouth of the devil, and spreads rapidly. Cancerous tumours develop around the face which often spread over the entire body. Once a devil has been infected with the disease, it usually dies within six months due to organ failure, secondary infection, or starvation caused by the inability to feed.

You can learn more about the Taz and this horrible disease here.

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4 reviews for Tasmanian Devil – Lava Flare

  1. Matthew Bagarus (verified owner)

    Awesome Disc for flex forehand shots in the woods. Reliable fade and handles torque.

  2. Drew Coleman (verified owner)

    This disc is perfect for flex forehands and big hyzer shots. This disc is going to take place of my firebirds that I have kept for years!

  3. jbaum320 (verified owner)

    Great Disc!!! Plastic is grippy, feels good in the hand, and provides enough over stability for predictable fade even in the wind. Purest thumber flight I’ve ever seen.

  4. vincefarr176767 (verified owner)

    This has replaced all my Overstable 9 speeds. Amazing flex forehands, and spike hyzers. Consistent shots make for great rounds. The Lava Flare plastic stands as one of my favorites in disc golf and was a great choice for this mold.

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