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Custom Stamping

We provide custom stamping for businesses, tournament directors, special events, leagues, teams, and any other circumstance where you’d need over 30 of our discs with your own special design. This is great for advertisement, promotions, souvenirs, branding, etc. We can make your dream design come to life! You can either upload your own design (that will go through a proofing process) or we can design it for you! Read the requirements below to learn more.



Set-up Fee: $75.00 USD (Includes 1 dye)
Re-order: Free
Shipping: Costs vary

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We offer custom stamping on most of our available discs and plastics.

40 disc minimum order.

Shipping calculated based on order/ customer location.

Please allow for a 2-4 week lead time on your custom order.


Plastic TypePrice (Per Disc)
Landslide Plastic – Base$8 each
Premium Plastic – Ozone, Lava$10 each
Premium+ Plastic – Glow + Lava Flare (Swirly)$10 each

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Need a Custom Design?

Our graphic design team is able to work with you on creating your ideal artwork. Depending on how intricate the design is, it can take anywhere from a couple days to a few months to create. The more detailed the artwork is, the more time it will take. Below is listed a couple different options, the price range, and the timeframe it will take to complete.

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Orca Ozone
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Design Fee Per Stamp: Will quote


Basic Logos
Custom Stamping art 1

Moderate detail
custom stamping art 2

Extensive Detail
custom stamping art 3

Revisions: Up to 3 for free

Anything beyond 3 is $10 per revision



Design Lead Time: 1-8 weeks

No Custom Design Lead Time: 1-4 weeks

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Artwork Guidelines


Hot stamps should be submitted as 100% black and white.
300 ppi @ print size or higher is necessary to achieve a good stamp.
Acceptable file types are .ai | .eps | .jpg | .pdf | .png | .psd | .tif


Design Requirements:

– Use mostly outlining. Meaning, you don’t want to have most of the stamp be a solid color. Most of the stamp should be transparent, with outlining and shading to create your details. Having large amounts of solid areas can create dropouts. Regardless, we will absolutely try to work with your design no matter what, but if there are large solid areas that could create an issue, you will be warned before moving forward with creating a dye.

– The middle of the disc is more reluctant to accept stamp dyes. Due to this, try to avoid placing important details of your design in the middle. Try to keep key components off-center. This is not to say it can’t work, because it absolutely can but there’s no guarantee that there won’t be misprints.

– Keep your linework between 1-15pts. This will help prevent bridging or dropouts. You don’t want too thick of lines, going back to not having too much solid area coverage in your design. It can definitely work above 15pts, but there is no guarantee that we won’t end up with misprints.

– All fonts need to be outlined. This will create the necessary space needed between your artwork and your text. Otherwise, it’s easy for the text to become bridged with the design and lead to dropouts.


Important Info



Corrections to Files

We can make changes to your files in most cases. Any lengthy changes may be subject to prorated design fees. Additional in-house artwork design is billed at $50.00 per hour. A quote will be issued before any charges are applied.



All artwork submitted for reproduction must be original work or include written authorization from the holder(s) of reproduction rights. If you have questions regarding the possibility of copyright infringement it is strongly recommended that you research all available resources to insure compliance. The CCC is a not-for-profit organization created at the suggestion of Congress to help organizations comply with U.S. copyright law. To learn more, visit



Graphics which are determined to be flagrantly violent, vulgar, or offensive will not be reproduced. Wild Discs retains sole discretion to make a determination in this regard.



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