Animal of The Month – Orca

Animal of The Month Orca Organization: Orca Conservancy https://www.orcaconservancy.org/ Welcome to our Animal of the Month newsletter! Each month we promote a different animal, organization to donate 5% to, and a stamp design in tribute. If you’d like to donate 5% to the chosen organization, make sure you purchase the tribute stamp design (available for… Read more »

WWF: What You Should Know

WWF: What You Should Know   How has Wild Discs taken a step in the right direction? To put it this way, I have three words for you, World Wildlife Fund (WWF). The number one conservation organization in the world. A non-profit that seeks solutions for nature and people. The World Wildlife Fund is the… Read more »

playing disc golf

Playing Disc Golf: The Mental and Physical Benefits

Playing disc golf has plenty of benefits, especially for your physical and mental health. Over the past few years, there has been a massive increase in the number of people playing this sport. If you play disk golf consistently, you will notice yourself becoming more creative, stronger, healthy, and happy. Are you still on the… Read more »

Disc Golf

Disc Golf: How Covid-19 affects it and What Should Be Done?

It has almost become normal to assess the impact of Covid-19 in our lives and disc golf. It’s accompanying disruptions and the coping mechanisms of individuals. In 2020, a global pandemic rocked the world and spread to virtually every corner of the world, affecting the lives of people in different ways. Although the impact of… Read more »

Invasive Species

Invasive Species and Disc Golf

“Wildlife in the eye of the Beholder” Have you ever been walking around your local course and wondered what plants you’re looking at, or why you might have an itch on your leg that you didn’t have before the round? Well there is one important factor to consider before playing your next round, and that… Read more »


The Value of the Putter

Of the various types of disc golf discs, the putter may be the most underrated. Not only is it the most used disc in every disc golfers bag, but it may also be the most underused. How can this be? The value of the putter goes far beyond the finishing shot on each hole. Reducing… Read more »

throwing drivers off the tee

Throwing Drivers Off the Tee & Why you Shouldn’t do it

Throwing Drivers Off the Tee & Why you Shouldn’t do it   Few things are quite as satisfying in disc golf than those ‘follow flight’ worthy drives where everything comes together and the most beautiful flight path unfurls before your eye. On the other side of that coin, fewer things are more frustrating and embarrassing… Read more »

5 Reasons to Start Playing Disc Golf

5 Reasons to Start Playing Disc Golf

5 Reasons to Start Playing Disc Golf There are a lot more than 5 reasons to start playing disc golf, but today I will give you my top 5. Picture the most beautiful sunset you’ve ever witnessed. Do you see the colors? Can you take in the smells or imagine the details? The moment we… Read more »

Disc Golf Mentality

Developing the Right Disc Golf Mentality

Nothing is more frustrating in disc golf than standing ten feet from the basket and absolutely whiffing a putt. When I first started playing disc golf, I constantly found myself in this maddening situation. Usually, it resulted in a jump, yell, and an angry spike of the disc into the basket only to have it… Read more »