Playing Disc Golf: The Mental and Physical Benefits

Playing disc golf has plenty of benefits, especially for your physical and mental health. Over the past few years, there has been a massive increase in the number of people playing this sport. If you play disk golf consistently, you will notice yourself becoming more creative, stronger, healthy, and happy. Are you still on the fence about disc golf and its benefits? If yes, the mental and physical benefits discussed in this piece may change your mind.

Playing disc golf

Physical Health Benefits of Playing Disc Golf

Excellent Full Body Exercise

Disc golf is an incredibly versatile activity in the sense that it allows you to perform a variety of exercises. If you have played disc golf before, you will be well aware that it involves a lot of walking. Disc golf players generally walk one or even more miles every round. This is excellent as it strengthens their upper and especially lower body muscles.

In addition, the throwing motions involved in disc golf make for an excellent upper body exercise for chests, triceps, back, and shoulders. You can even take things to another level by mixing disc golf with gym workouts.

Weight Loss

Playing disc golf regularly is an amazing way to lose weight. Since you will be burning a tremendous amount of calories performing this activity, you will notice your body slimming down. What’s most impressive about disc golf is that you don’t need to play it every day to lose weight. Instead, two or three workouts per week will prove to be more than enough, helping you get fit within months if not weeks.

That said, you should keep in mind that merely playing disc golf is not enough. You also have to factor in other things like following a healthy diet and sleeping regiment to see results.

Mood and Energy Boost

The more your workout, the better your mood will be. It is that simple. The good news is that you don’t necessarily have to play contact sports or lift heavy weights to get a good workout in. Instead, playing disc golf three to four times per week can be a great way to boost your mood and various other functions of your body.

Exercising increases serotonin levels, which directly boosts your mood. Therefore, doing some exercise on the disc golf course could prove to be an excellent decision and make you fitter than ever.

Improves Heart Health

Many people tend to underestimate the importance of heart health. You’d be surprised to see the amount of damage one can do to their heart simply by not working out and eating the right foods. Fortunately, you can steer clear from heart problems simply by introducing light workouts to your routine. Disc golf is arguably the best type of exercise one can do to improve their cardiovascular endurance without putting too much strain on their muscles.

What’s best about playing disc golf is that it can be played by people of any age, ensuring you don’t have any excuses for slacking off on your health priorities.

Mental Health Benefits of Playing Disc Golf

Get Closer to Nature

One of the best things about playing disc golf is that it gets you closer to nature. You will especially like this sport if you live in a city as people living in urban areas are getting farther from nature with each passing day. The closer to nature you get, the more peaceful you will feel. Here is a list of other mental health benefits you will notice by playing disc golf outdoors:

          Your stress and anxiety levels will go down because of the calming effect of nature

          Exercising outdoors is a great mood booster

          You will be able to sleep better because of the reduced stress

          Playing in nature is a tremendous way to inspire creativity

Just go outside and experience a few hours of serenity on the disc golf course. There are plenty of them available these days and you will most likely find one close to where you live.

An Excellent Way to Relieve Stress

Contrary to popular belief, there is a great deal of movement involved in disc golf. Merely playing for a few minutes will get your heart pumping, allowing oxygen to make way to your brain. What’s more, this exercise will help you remember and think better. If you work long hours at a sedentary job, merely playing this sport one hour a day will greatly improve your mood by relieving stress.

Promotes Self Confidence

Self-confidence or having unwavering trust in your judgment, qualities, and abilities is an excellent life skill. This skill can bring you a tremendous amount of success. Believe it or not, playing disc golf or any other sport for that matter can boost your self-confidence in more ways than one. As you learn the fundamentals and practice different techniques every day, you will learn that some elements of this sport such as decision-making and patience translate well to everyday life.

As you improve with each passing day, you will become more confident in your abilities, which will improve your mood and relieve stress. If you find other sports to be overwhelming, making disc golf a part of your daily regimen would be a great option to boost your confidence.

Improved Social Life

With the busy lives that most of us lead these days, catching up with your friends and family members can be incredibly difficult. Disc golf provides people an excellent way to improve their social life. All you have to do is show up at your nearest disc golf course. You will find people who share the same interests as yours.

As mentioned earlier, the disc golf community is growing rapidly and you will find loads of people to enjoy this sport with. Learning to play disc golf is relatively simple. A few weeks of practice is enough to learn the basics. You can start right away and involve your friends in this activity as well.

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