5 Reasons to Start Playing Disc Golf

5 Reasons to Start Playing Disc Golf

5 Reasons to Start Playing Disc Golf

There are a lot more than 5 reasons to start playing disc golf, but today I will give you my top 5. Picture the most beautiful sunset you’ve ever witnessed. Do you see the colors? Can you take in the smells or imagine the details? The moment we experience nature in its purest form is awe-inspiring, and for many, it becomes a lifelong passion. There are rock climbers who spend their lives tackling some of the earth’s greatest natural problems. Thru-hikers who test their body’s limits as they traverse incredible spans of distance.

These are all powerful ways to connect with nature, but most of them lend themselves to more of a lifestyle than a hobby. What if I told you there was a way to experience the brilliance of nature while still maintaining your “day job”? This opportunity is called disc golf. Disc golf grants players the opportunity to step out of their normal and into nature to play an ever-changing game.

There are many reasons to start playing disc golf, but I wanted to take a brief moment to share five with you.

Experience Nature in New Ways

When you think of golf, you could likely go to country clubs and plush greens. Perhaps you think of St. Andrews or Pebble Beach. There are wonderful courses that exist, but to a degree, there’s only so much a golf course can do. Fairways must remain open, well-cut grass, and green for days. The width and elevation may change, but a golf course will always remain a golf course.

Disc golf offers variety in its freedom for the different courses. You can have a disc golf course which weaves through the woods, plays over a beach, or even in the middle of a park. There are beautiful courses which weave through magnificent forests allowing you to love and hate trees all at the same time. You’ll love the views and begin to ask the question all disc golfers are familiar with, “Why are trees?” One of my favorite ways to experience a new town is to play local courses when I travel somewhere new. No two disc golf courses look the same or play the same, and you’ll certainly encounter more beautiful scenes the more you play.

Super Affordable Hobby

There are lots of hobbies which invite you in for a high cost which falls off. Mountain biking, climbing, or even trail running. You’ll need shoes, clips, or even a bike to get started with each of those. One of the beauties of disc golf is its incredibly low-cost entry point. You can play disc golf with an ultimate frisbee you have lying around your house for no cost. You can also head to most major manufacturers: Innova, Discraft, Dynamic Discs, Prodigy, etc. to find starter packs for around $30. 

Innova Starter Set: https://www.innovadiscs.com/disc-golf-starter-set/

Dynamic Discs Starter Set: https://www.dynamicdiscs.com/Dynamic-Discs-Prime-Burst-Starter-Set-p/7438.htm

OR: Head over to https://wilddiscs.com/ to see our selection of discs and gear!

These starter packs will include a driver, mid-range (similar to irons and wedges), and a putter. Yes, there are different types of discs that do different things, depending on how you throw them. You don’t need any of these, though, if you have an ultimate frisbee. Eventually, you’ll want to expand your bag, but you can get started today. Another perk of the cost is there are rarely course fees. Most disc golf courses are free to play! For $30, you could have hundreds of rounds awaiting you!

You’ll Never Be Perfect at Disc Golf

For some, this will be a challenge they will look forward to conquering. There is a multitude of minuscule details that exist in the disc golf game, and these details change your drives from going 200 feet to 400 feet. Your form will never be perfect, and this is ok. Disc golf is a game for those looking to improve and play against themselves. You are the greatest competition you’ll find on the course, and this is a wonderful place to be.

In some sports or hobbies, the person with the best gear or most time wins, but on a disc golf course, you are truly competing against yourself and the course. When you show up to the course, you get a chance to define how the day will go. If you are a perfectionist, this might be a reason NOT to play disc golf. Trust me, when I say this, if you get out and play, I promise there will be one throw where everything clicks, and you’ll be hooked. When you launch that first drive, sink that first long putt, or even throw a mid-range down a narrow row of trees. We’ll always be on the hunt for the perfect game, and it will keep every round exciting and full of adventure.

Competitive Outlet

This ties into the previous point, but you aren’t looking to compete with yourself for some. You want nothing more than the satisfaction of crushing your foes in the grueling environment of competition. There are many players who the older they get struggle to play basketball, softball, or other team sports. Disc golf allows you to experience the tournament and competitive scene with relative ease on your body.

You can head over to https://www.discgolfscene.com/ to find local tournaments and clubs!

There are tournaments hosted nationwide, and at certain levels, these tournaments begin generating monetary profits for the winners. Some local clubs and organizations bring weekly competition to local players looking to scratch that itch. If you find yourself with the competitive drive, but no outlet to unleash the beast, disc golf might be for you.

Excellent Form of Exercise

My coworkers and I were talking the other day around the water cooler about exercise. We all checked our watches, and two of them were training for a half marathon. We started talking about how many steps each of us had taken, and do you know who had the most steps on average? It was me, the disc golfer! The best part about it was that at no point did I ever feel like I was working hard or trying to get in shape.

I walked out and played my rounds, and over time I’ve noticed, I’m getting into phenomenal shape. My wife has even commented, what are you doing these days differently? I’m simply enjoying the great outdoors and playing some disc golf. There are many courses with elevation changes, but because of how the game is played, you can take it nice and slow. Disc golf is like taking a casual hike through nature while also letting out some competitive steam!

There are many more than 5 reasons to start playing disc golf, but I hope these are enough to get you started if you’re looking for a wonderful hobby which is easy to access, great for your health, and allows you to enjoy nature than look no farther than disc golf!

About the Author

Written by Robbie Crawford. Instagram: @robbiec_disc_golf